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Socializing Safely

What does it mean to socialize safely?
Multiple studies have shown that the use of face coverings, combined with social distancing, substantially limits the spread of COVID-19. Additionally, hand-washing and cleaning surfaces can limit the spread of COVID-19.

Socializing safely means taking steps and choosing options that reduce the risk of COVID-19 for yourself and your friends or guests. The ideas below are just the tip of the iceberg! We encourage you to learn more about socializing with COVID-19 in mind. For more information about UTK’s COVID-19 response visit COVID-19 Information and Support.

Socializing Ideas

Socializing safely in the winter is more challenging because it can be cold and it gets dark fast. Here are a few options:

  • Bundle up and meet up for a hike or walk
  • Grab a hot beverage and go window shopping in Market Square
  • Bring your mask and explore art galleries downtown
  • Find out if your favorite restaurant or coffee spot has a heated patio and plan to have lunch or dinner outdoors
  • Go camping. Friends who live together can drive together.
  • If you have a private backyard and a fire pit, provide each person with the items to make s’mores
  • Host a game of cornhole outdoors
  • Let everyone stay warm in their homes and find a co-op or multiplayer video game you all can play together
  • Consider setting up a pod – a small group of friends or family with similar mindsets and a commitment to restricting activities outside the pod

Remember, socializing indoors increases your risk of COVID-19. If you need to socialize indoors, keep it short, keep it small, and open a window or door if you can. Everyone should wear masks and practice social distancing.