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Students participate in a fall afternoon OCM lifestyle shoot around the Student Union Plaza on October 28, 2019. Photo by Steven Bridges/University of Tennessee

Share your COVID-19 Vaccine Story

The university strongly recommends that students, faculty, and staff receive a COVID-19 vaccine and is active in helping vaccinate the community. If you would like to assist with this effort and feel comfortable doing so, you can make a difference by sharing your vaccine story in conversations with people you know and on your social media channels.

Key messages

The following are key messages you can share when you talk about vaccines. The core message is that COVID-19 vaccines are safe, effective, and free.

  • Safe: Vaccines have been rigorously tested through clinical trials with thousands of participants and have been given to hundreds of millions of people. They continue to be closely monitored for safety. Some people experience mild side effects that go away in a few days, and others experience no side effects.
  • Effective: Vaccines are effective at preventing COVID-19, especially severe illness and death, and reduce the risk of people spreading COVID-19. Vaccination remains the best path to containing the pandemic. The more people who get vaccinated, the better vaccines work to prevent COVID-19 for all members of our community, including those who are most at risk for severe illness.
  • Free: Vaccines are widely available and free regardless of your insurance status. You can get vaccines on campus and at many locations in your community. Although vaccine providers may collect insurance information, there will not be a charge to you. Information on vaccination options is available at

Personal experiences

If you’re comfortable doing so, you can strengthen the case for vaccination by sharing personal experiences that relate to your decision to get vaccinated.

Some prompts to consider

  • What did you miss doing most that you can do now worry-free because you are vaccinated? Consider especially experiences related to UT.
  • Is there someone besides yourself you wanted to help protect by getting vaccinated? Talk about that person and what they mean to you. What did it feel like to know you were helping protect them?
  • Describe how getting vaccinated connects to being a Volunteer and the Volunteer spirit.

Ways you can share your experiences include one-on-one conversations or your social media.

Tags for social posts

On social media, use #VolsGetVaxed and tag @utknoxville to help connect with the campus’s efforts to promote vaccination.

Instagram Stickers

To find and use #VolsGetVaxed stickers for your Instagram Stories, upload your photo into your Story, tap on the sticker icon, and select the gif search field and search for “VolsGetVaxed.” Tap the #VolsGetVaxed sticker and place it on your photo.

Facebook Profile Frames

To add a #VolsGetVaxed frame to your Facebook profile image, visit and search for “Vols Get Vaxed.” Select the Vols Get Vaxed frame and adjust your profile image as necessary with the options provided.

Talking to people who are hesitant about vaccines

When discussing vaccines with those who may be hesitant to get vaccinated, the CDC recommends an approach of empathy and respect.

View more details from the CDC on how to talk about COVID-19 vaccines with friends and family.