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About the Blogger

Hi, I’m Katie, and I’ll be blogging on behalf of the Vols 2 Vols Peer Educators. I’m very excited about starting this blog for our program. Before it really gets going, though, I’d like to tell you more about who I am and my goals for the blog.


I am currently a sophomore in the Chancellor’s Honors Program, and I am majoring in Communication Studies. Recently, I have worked as a marketing assistant and intern for two local businesses. My experiences with them have opened my eyes to the amazing potential of social media and blogging. Our ability to share information, raise awareness, and rally behind causes is unlimited. I joined Vols 2 Vols because I want to see our campus become healthier, safer, and more inclusive. This blog is part of my contribution to creating a more supportive, informed community at UT.


Outside of classes, work, and Vols 2 Vols, I do a few other things. I really enjoy learning about new cultures and meeting new people, and I get to do both of those things by volunteering as an International Conversation Partner on campus. Every once in a while I take a break to play Call of Duty or watch the British television show, Sherlock. I also enjoy daylong movie marathons of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I am addicted to The Huffington Post, and I love to talk politics.


So, there ya’ have it. Katie in a nutshell! Just one last thing: this blog isn’t meant just for disseminating information. We would love to create a two-way dialogue with the UT community. So feel free to email us with questions, comments, or suggestions for post topics!


You can contact us via this email address.