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What We Do:

    • 974-HELP (4357)
      • 974-HELP is a 24hr/7day a week number that serves to support students in crisis and as a referral resource for students, faculty, staff, and parents who have a concern about the safety and well-being of a student.
      • 974-HELP is housed in the Center for Health Education & Wellness, which is located across from The Rock in the Student Health Building (1800 Volunteer Blvd, Suite 201).
      • 974-HELP is answered by the Center for Health Education & Wellness staff Monday- Friday from 8AM-5PM. After hours, 974-HELP is answered by a licensed clinical staff person.
    • Case Management Team
      • In order to provide comprehensive services, the distressed student protocol utilizes the case management model to meet the needs of distressed students. The goal of the Case Management Team is to work together to prevent violence, suicide, substance abuse and encourage wellness and personal safety.
    • Threat Assessment Team
      • In order to promote a coordinated response to students who may be at an increased risk to themselves or others, the distressed student protocol utilizes a Threat Assessment Team to coordinate response to urgent needs. The goal of the Threat Assessment Team is to evaluate, de-escalate, and manage a range of behavioral concerns related to University of Tennessee students (SIGMA, 2013)


Meet the 974-HELP Team:

Anna Wade, Assistant Director

awadeDiscipline: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

What I love about what I do: I feel honored to be a part of the lives of the students I work with and to help them find peace in areas where they struggle. As they grow and explore new paths I find that I also learn and grow from them which I believe makes me better at what I do and a better person.

How long I have worked at UT: I have been at UT since December of 2013

What I love most about UT: I love the history, the amazing Alumni that have graduated from UT, the sense of community, and how Vols are not afraid to help their fellow Vols!

Clay Culp, Case Management Coordinator

cculpDiscipline: Licensed Clinical Social Worker

What I love about what I do: Pain is an inescapable part of life, but I believe strongly that people have the capacity to grow, adapt, and heal. I may be one of the first people someone talks to when they decide to ask for help. I try to always keep in mind that making the first step can sometimes be one of the hardest but also one of the most important parts. It is a great privilege to be able to come into peoples’ lives when things are often at their worst and a very meaningful way to spend my time.

How long I have worked at UT: I have worked at UT since April of 2014, originally with the Psychology Department’s Relationship Rx program.  I have been with Center for Health Education and Wellness since October 2015.

What I love most about UT: I’ve been involved at UT on so many different levels for most of my adult life. It’s hard to put a finger on it, but it just feels like home. I want to give back and help make UT even better.

Sarah Gardner, Sexual Assault Prevention & Support Coordinator

s_gardenerDiscipline: Counseling with a concentration in Marriage & Family Therapy

What I love about what I do: I love working in the world of higher education because I get to see students grow, mature, discover who they are and who they want to be, and see them become more confident individuals. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that I’ve been part of these four important years in the lives of college students, and it’s also wonderful to be able to help students through difficult or challenging times. It’s inspirational to see students realize their own power and find their own voices, particularly when they’ve gone through a challenging or stressful time.

How long I have worked at UT: I have been at UT since Fall 2016

What I love most about UT: I haven’t been part of the UT family for long, but I already love the sense of pride I see in students for this institution, as well as their willingness to get involved and support and help fellow students, faculty, and staff. I also love that UT genuinely cares about the students, not only their academics, but holistically as well…mental health, wellness, safety, and emotional health. I am so happy to be a part of the UTK family!

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