Health Education & Wellness



“Healthy Relationships”

“Healthy Relationships” focuses on identifying characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships, defining passive, aggressive, and assertive communication, practicing assertive communication through role play, and exploring how the information presented is relevant to the range of personal and professional relationships students experience while at UT. Consent, campus, and community resources are also covered.

“Sexual Health”

“Sexual Health” provides students a fun and interactive opportunity to discuss safer sex practices in a safe, non-judgmental manner. The topics covered in this interactive presentation are sexually transmitted infections, barrier methods, and contraceptives. It is stressed that the information provided is useful to all individuals, whether they are currently sexually active or abstinent.

“Relationship Violence and Campus Safety”

“Relationship Violence and Campus Safety” aims to educate about relationship and sexual violence, sexual harassment, and stalking as well as to clarify federal regulations and campus policies as they relate to students. Students will learn to identify characteristics of unhealthy relationships or harmful situations and about the resources available, on campus and in the community. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to pose questions and share ideas as it pertains to these subjects.

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