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Consequences of Alcohol Use

There are a variety of problems associated with high-risk drinking and drug use. For instance, a person’s abstract thinking can be impaired for 28 to 30 days after one night of heavy drinking. These problems can be intensified on a university campus. Here are some of the effects of drinking at UT collected in the 2011 Core Alcohol and Other Drugs Survey.

Problem Associated with Alcohol and Drug Use Percent Experiences
Did something you regret 34.9%
Missed a class 32.9%
Driven a car under the influence 21.5%
Had memory loss 33.9%
Got into a fight or argument 29.1%
Performed poorly on a test 22.2%
Been hurt or injured 13.6%
Been taken advantage of sexually 8.1%
Seriously thought about suicide 2.9%
Arrested for a DWI/DUI 1.3%

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